Truisms on Developing a Branding Structure

The following is a listing of considerations for building a brand and its positive position in the mind of the consumer. Some of the concepts referenced below are adapted from The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding by Al Ries and Laura Ries focus on marking communication.

Branding Truisms
A brand becomes stronger when you narrow the focus.
Public Relations
Use Public Relations to develop brand recognition in the media.
Use Advertising to reinforce theme and slogans.
Advertising is an investment to generate awareness.
Advertising is an insurance that protects against losses.
Advertise “Leadership” to keep and reinforce position.
Quality v Leadership — "They all say quality, but if they are a leader they must be better. The leader has the better product."
Advertising maintains leadership once it is obtained.
The “Word”
A brand should strive to own the “Word.”
What is the Word in your “brand's” arena?
Keep the focus on the niche, reinforce strength and build within the category.
Expand market, not necessarily product line. Evolve product line. Identify new markets to expand into.
Reinforce claim to authenticity.
Most reliable.
"Credentials are collateral that you put up to guarantee the brand.”
Leadership is the most direct way to establish and promote your credentials.
Promote being “First in the Category.”
Founder of/first to develop.
What does the brand give you? (The fastest, most reliable, efficient, and consciences way to guarantee...)
Never forget leadership. Once you have leadership it is hard to take away.
But, never assume that the customer knows who the leader is.
Quality is important, but brands are not built on quality alone.
Can your customer differentiate the quality of your product v. your competitor? Maybe.
They have to use both to do so, or, believe your message.
Quality attributes — Guaranteed delivery. Reliable, dependable, beneficial. Valuable, profitable, etc.,
Build perception of quality; reinforce position as the “specialist” and “authority” in knowledge and expertise.
What are other areas of expertise?
Promoting the Category promotes the brand.
Building category awareness and its importance can increase the size of the market if the growth potential exists.