Find Your Niche, Make it a New Category

No room at the top in your category? Create a new one!
There is the idea that the more tightly you focus, the greater the expertise you will have; and, you will be perceived as the expert in your field by the marketplace. In fact, you can become so tightly focused that you no longer have competition doing exactly what you do, or doing it in the way that you do it.

If there is a demand for this tightly focused service or product, then you have the basis for a creating a new category.

Another line of thought follows, that if you can define the important differentiating factors in your operation, you can use that differentiation to create a new category. The key is in "can" you define things that you do; processes and procedures, efficiencies, profit abilities, new styles and trends, services...or...products that are significant enough to merit the creation of a new category? It can be a formidable task, or an inspirational "eureka!" moment.

But assuming that you can develop the next solar operated Segway you will have two advantages. First, you will be the originator of the category, founder, and category leader. And, you should promote this position. Secondly, your initial and continued interest should be in promoting the category, not the brand. People are primarily interested in what the category will do for them. They of course are interested in the brand, but not for its benefits, but for its credibility. As the originator you want to see the category grow, and as it grows, as category leader, your brand grows as well. Although it seems counter-intuitive, your interest should be in category growth even to the point of ceding significant market share as competitors enter the market.

See the Brand Articulation section for help on defining, refining, and transforming your brand into a new category.

Should I create a new category?
If you are in a follower position and your profit growth or your professional growth is limited due to competition, the simple answer is yes, you should create a new category. By focusing the benefits you provide customers to the point of differentiation, you can create a new category and grow from the greater opportunities that exist by becoming a leader in a new category.