Branding Basics is intended for those people who are new to branding or who may be familiar with branding, but have not yet called on its resources as a tool to expand their capabilities and grow their business. Branding Basics' goal is to help you obtain satisfying results from your market's interaction with your organization. In a sharply focused way, it presents a means for you deliver products or services to customers or clients.

Branding is about creating an affinity between your product or service and the people that benefit from its use.

Content for Branding Basics is drawn from various sources including my own thoughts, Brand and Deliver by William R. "Max" Carey, Jr., The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding by Al Ries and Laura Ries, and other sources. New material will also be added periodically. A book listing is provided to the right where registered visitors can add comments and submit book suggestions and reviews. To register, please email your request to Branding Basics.

We hope you find value in the following sections of Banding Basics. Again, our intent for the site is to help you discover your current brand and how to modify it to improve your market position.

Branding Overview
The overview covers your relationship with your customers; generic, value-added, and affinity.
Creating Brand Identity
Brand Identity presents branding types; personal, product or service, market.
How are You Branded
This section asks a series of questions that guide you through a discovery process that ultimately provides you with a greater understanding of your brand and how to modify it to attain results.
Avenues to Take
A brief introduction to who needs branding.
Positive Differentiation
This section addresses the need to set yourself apart through positive differentiation.
Brand Articulation
Brand definition through six basic elements: Synthesis, Slogan, Mission, Position, Personality, and Affinity
Competitive Advantages
Competitive Advantages is a hand-on guideline for defining competitive advantages through product/company attributes, and service, personnel, and image consideration.
Copy Platform
An outline for creating consistent brand communications couples the Product/Service Definition with the Brand Definition.
Branding Truisms
Insightful excerpts from The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding.
Category Creation
The when and why is it time to create a new market category for your product or service.
Our Approach
A summary of Michael McGrath Design's approach to branding for clients as presented in an expanded 60 second commercial given in Dallas' Central Business networking chapter of Business Network International.
Symbolic Value
Why symbols are an important part of branding.