Optimized Advantages

As a member of Business Network International (BNI), a business referral networking organization that limits membership within a chapter to one representative per business category, we have as part of our weekly meeting, a time allocated for each member to give a 60 second commercial. The commercial tells the other members about their products or services and highlights their marketing objectives for the week. In this way the other members are aware of the type of clients each member is seeking and the type of referrals that they may find to pass to each other.
The following is an expanded 60 second commercial that encapsulates our approach to program definition and development.

An Expanded 60 Second Commercial
“Michael McGrath Design, Building Brand by Design” In this I mean we build brand through a visual metaphor and a structured process for defining and presenting the brand.

I continue, “We create branding and identity programs for print, advertising, and web communications for business to business, professional services, arts organizations, and online retail clients.
Our ideal client is one that values marketing communication and takes advantage of the full breadth of services we offer: our research, planning, design, creative, technical, programming, production and management capabilities.

I go on the say,
“And speaking of taking advantage, a part of our design and development approach includes a communication platform that transforms the standard feature and benefit into optimized advantages that serve to differentiate our clients and their clients and customers in their respective marketplaces."

"We use branding positioning to define planned expectations to guide the client-customer-product-service experience and build relationships that foster growth, satisfaction, and longevity."

"We incorporate these optimized advantages and planned expectations into exciting and dynamic visual communications that deliver memorable experiences and help drive clients, customers, and patrons to action."

In a nut shell, that is what we do. We design communication programs based on building planned expectations through a defined brand.

Now you might be thinking that the terms, optimized advantages and planned expectation are egregious euphuism, however, a well defined branding program gives validity to these expressions.