Who Needs Branding

Needless to say, all clients are not the same. An important task that we have with a new client is the discovery of who they are and how they fit in within their marketplace. Discovery seems like such an obvious course of action that it need not be addressed. But it does. Even the smallest of businesses can benefit from the process.

While many marketing directors have strategic branding plans in place and know exactly where their corporate, sales, and product and services' strengths and weaknesses fall vis-à-vis their competition, many do not. Additionally, start-up companies may have studied their potential market, but have yet to define the branding component of their marketing efforts, while small businesses frequently have not had the time nor staff to dedicate to these efforts.

For organizations without a branding platform, a marketing communications project brings them to a crossroads, where they have the opportunity to select an avenue that will help them create their niche in their marketplace, or wander down a path in a direction unknown.

At a crossroads, the best choice lies with the avenue that defines a branding platform that positively differentiates the business in their marketplace.
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